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Designer v Highstreet: Patterned Cut-Aways

Patterned Cut-AwaysCocktail swimsuits are going to be big again this summer (think completely impractical swim suits – with lots of ‘cut-aways’, basically the type of thing that may look stunning but have the power to give you absolutely awful tan lines).

Well, if you are into that sort of thing you may find as I’ve noticed, that they tend to mainly come in block colours like black or white and be all about maximum glamour, sexiness and exposure.

I was happily surprised then to find these two retro patterned cut out swimsuits, which make a refreshing change to the bulk of these type of swimsuits in the market right now.

The Highstreet option is from Urban Outfitters and costs £38.

The Designer verision is by Milly and costs £151.70 and is available from Net-a-porter, who suggest this swimsuit can double up as a top as well.

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