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A Great Solution For The Sheer Trend

Bodas Sheer Lingerie SetTracking down the appropriate underwear to go under light materials such as chiffon can be a bit of a mission. If the material isn’t clinging to the outline of the underwear, worse still you may even be able to see through the garment. Bodas and Matches have come to the rescue with a collection of lingerie that is designed solely for use under such fabrics!

From underskirts to slips to lingerie, they offer a great selection of items to remedy this problem and hope to offer the solution you need.

Perfect for the popular sheer trend, you can team with the palest of pinks and the clingiest of materials with confidence. I love their demi-sheer nude underwear sets – this particular set costs £36 for the bra and £17 for the briefs.

Check out the collection over at Matches.

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