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BHS, Believe It Or Not

BHS Quilted BagThis may be the one and only time we feature an item from BHS, or it could be the start of a beautiful relationship with the high street chain that’s not particularly known for it’s fashion-forward lines.

However, desperate times and all that, and BHS have come up with this little gem that, believe it or not, could easily be a Marc Jacobs or even a Chanel creation. A staple for any night out or social occasion, this Quilted Bag has all the detailing of a designer equivalent – chain strap, gold trim, and a great hot pink colour, so perfect for spring and summer. It’ll match any outfit and is great for contrasting with a dark coloured outfit.

Costing only £15, it’s an absolute bargain, and once word gets out chances are these will be flying off the shelves. It’s not available on the BHS website yet, but should be soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

One Response to “BHS, Believe It Or Not”

  1. Miss Elle Says:

    I almost fell in love with the site, but they don’t ship internationally! =(