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Body Con with a Twist

Quontum Curve Neon Stripe Body Con DressThe body con dress trend is still one of the most popular items to slip on for a night out at the moment, and if you’ve got the figure for it it’s definitely the ultimate LBD to pull out the wardrobe.

Whilst the all-black look one is a classic, if you’re getting a bit bored of it then try injecting a bit of colour with this Quontum Curved Neon Stripe Body Con Dress. The strapless black dress is broken up with a swash of neon colour across the waist at the front, and the curved stripe complements the shape of the dress. If you want to add more colour trying matching a pair of tights to one of the coloured stripes. And don’t forget some chunky black heels- patents would look great. The dress is 88% cotton and 12% lycra, so you can just wriggle into it and it’ll stretch where required.

Perhaps a bit of a daring item, but if you’re brave enough it’s guaranteed to ignite the dancefloor!

It costs £48 and is available from ASOS now in the colours shown and one with green, purple and blue stripes.

One Response to “Body Con with a Twist”

  1. Mi Fashion blog Says:

    I love this dress – just looking at it makes me want to grab some friends and hit the dancefloor. Better get down the gym first though!