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Topshop's New 'Wort It' Range

‘Work It’ RangeIf you’ve ever hankered after a little lycra flash dance style or secretly admired Madonna’s lurex get-up, then Topshop’s latest collection ‘Work It’ will be right up your street!

Perfect for dancewear or for the more daring, even regular wear, the collection features over sized crop tops, leotards, tutu’s and metallic leggings and more.

On a practical level I think it’s great for the street look professional dancers to be able to get some funky leotards and oversized crop tops for dance works outs, however there is a subtle dance inspired trend going on right now and many of these items could be used to build a very cool 80’s inspired look which is very of the moment.

Some of the items are great on a functional level too – the leotards (or ‘bodies’) are great for wearing underneath tulip skirts when you wan to create a seamless smooth silhouette which no attempt of neat tucking in will do!

Check out Topshop’s collection for yourself here.

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