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The Nico Dress

Alexander McQueen DressI love this new hologram belt sweater dress by Alexander McQueen. Like something straight out of Nico Riley’s wardrobe (Lipstick Jungle) it’s chic and elegant and some how carries off looking incredibly cosy yet in the same swing it looks utterly chic and professional.

Made 100% of cashmere and costing £896 this is an indulgence but one that will last a lifetime if cared for. The cowl neckline is a classic design statement and the belt can always be swapped for another to bring new life and an alternative look to the same piece over years.

Available from Net-a-porter all you need do is throw on an oversized cocktail ring and towering heels and the look is complete!

One Response to “The Nico Dress”

  1. Deep In Vogue Says:

    the dress is really nice, the hologram belt is great