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Perfect Party Jacket

ASOS Sequin Tux JacketI love this sequin cropped tux jacket from ASOS which unlike most other evening jackets on the high street, doesn’t swamp the frock underneath it. Leather and sequin bombers look great and long cocktail coats can be beautiful but few allow your dress to get a look in like this one will.

What’s more this jacket is so versatile, not only can you wear it over your party frock you can also use to dress up casual looks and give some sparkle to jeans and a tee – just be sure to don some killer heels too.

You can pick this jacket up for £45 from ASOS.

2 Responses to “Perfect Party Jacket”

  1. Driving School Says:

    it is so hard to find the perfect jacket to wear with a dress in the winter!
    i always struggle and end up not wearing one and being uncomfortable and cold all night…this in turn makes me feel sluggish about wearing a dress at all and sways me more towards shorts and a top or even jeans!!

    its nice to see ideas especially for christmas party etc.

    thanks :)

  2. Kia Says:

    Happy to help! Kia x