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Winter Wellies

Cath Kidson Paisely Print WellieI don’t know many girls without a penchant for all things Cath Kidson – we all seem to be a sucker for a cute floral print. So keep your toes dry with these pretty rose wellies this winter!

For years I went without wellies in my wardrobe and now I have a pair, I can’t imagine how I ever lived without. Even if they never see mud or experience festival life, they are an absolute must-have for those annoying supermarket dashes on rainy weekends where you want to avoid wet feet, sodden hems or risk damaging your Uggs. Hop into your wellies feet first and not only will you stay warm but you can also have a cheeky splash in a puddle or two as you go about your way.

This particular pair also come in a whiter fresher floral print as well as a cobalt blue print with white mini polka dots. Pick yours up from ASOS for £40.

2 Responses to “Winter Wellies”

  1. Violetsrose Says:

    The picture you’ve posted is not a paisley print – its a floral

  2. Kia Says:

    You’re right Violetsrose – many thanks for the note : )