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Colourful Tights

asos-red-tighta.jpgSince my obsession with New York chic hit me, I’ve been pulling my hair out to find some colourful thick tights.

Thankfully I needn’t have looked any further than ASOS online. With a wonderful selection of colours there are plenty of thick 80 denier opaque tights to choose from including deep purple, red and green. Think Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester (Blair) and Taylor Momsen (Jenny). Each episode Taylor’s character always has either a lovely pair of tights or socks on and Leighton’s character often has them too. Why? Because they are the best accessory and they make a fashion statement.

Get your 80 denier velvet feel opaque tights at ASOS online now from just £4. My favorite, the red …

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