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Talullah Tu Accessories!

Talullah Tu Timmy Woods BagsI have just discovered a fantastic new accessory site with a difference; Talullah Tu! If you’re looking for something unique in the accessory world you have to check out Talullah Tu. They have an abundance of fantastic jewellery and bag collections to really set your heart racing and the best thing is they are in sale!

Here I have given you an example of what to expect from the site, these are all bags from designer Timmy Woods. I have to say they are all very Sex and the City, I’m sure Carrie had a very similar Eiffel tower bag in the film that I lusted over!

These are definitely bold statement pieces that will really funk up your look, be sure to check out the site for more statement accessories!

2 Responses to “Talullah Tu Accessories!”

  1. Tasha Says:

    great site. love the stuff!

    this is the actual bag that sjp wore, but hers had crystals on it. so was the lips (i think)

    they have some kool necklaces

  2. June Randeria Says:

    Amazing gorgeous trinkets for young girls gingerbread necklaces and older ones! and some classy one off bags and ruffle necklaces..gorgeous