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Stylish iphone Case!

Felder Felder I pod/phone HolderOk so who has treated themselves to the new iphone? I can’t say I have but for all those that were first in the queue for the mega intelligent phone I have found something you may be interested in; the super stylish studded iphone and ipod holder!

If I had the iphone I would definitely be purchasing this stylish studded holder for my new stylish phone as lets face it deserves to be covered in luxury!

The only catch is the price! This little case costs £95, which is quite pricey but lets face it looks great! Buy yours today from Browns fashion.

2 Responses to “Stylish iphone Case!”

  1. WhiteAzalea Says:

    I love when the technology never forget women who loves fashion. Although the price of this iphone case quite high, its worth especially for tech savvy girl.

  2. Julia Says:

    I think it looks quite unique but my favourite iphone pouch I picked up is from New Zealand. I ordered one and its without doubt the best quality pouch case I’ve seen. Its geniune New Zealand leather and handmade. Really good value for what you get. Have a look: