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Givenchy 'Sandal Boot'

Givenchy Sandal BootI Love these sandal boots from Givenchy! The sandal boot is so hot right now, you would be a fool to miss out on such a great look!

Extremely versatile, this style of shoe can be worn in the summer and winter thanks to its part sandal, part boot shape! They also look great with skirts or trousers, and are a perfect way to create a more edgier look! I particularly love the oversize buckle on this pair of Givenchy sandal boots; the black leather and metal buckle give them a cool rock chick look and are bound to make a HUGE statement!

If you have fallen in love with these shoes like myself, best start saving as they cost a whopping £600! You can check out Stylefinder for more information on where to buy them from.

6 Responses to “Givenchy 'Sandal Boot'”

  1. love-aesthetics Says:

    amaaazing shoe, different from all the strapped sandals that are around at the moment

  2. Trendini Says:

    hot boot! too bad I dont have the guts to wear them 😛

  3. WendyB Says:

    Love it.

  4. Says:

    Reaallly sexy, I wish I had the confidence to wear them myself.

  5. Anna Says:

    Wow I love that boot! It shows just enough foot to be seductive.

  6. liddi Says:

    they are hot hot hot!!! i think would break my neck wearing it!!!lola slim black dress would seriousely go well though keep making them!!!!!!!!