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The Bra of All Bras!

Wonderbra Multi Plunge BraWhether they are strapless, one shoulder, low cut or puff sleeved, summer dresses seem to be everywhere I turn. Lovely and floaty or short and chic, I just have to have them…ALL of them!

However, there was something very important that I failed to remember when I rushed out to buy my first two new dresses of the summer (FYI a gorgeous backless dress and a floral dress with cut away shoulders). However lovely my dresses seemed at the time of purchase, trying them on again at home I realised that they would never look quite right without the correct underwear. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than visible bra straps. And the clear straps you can get often end up looking a lot like cellotape! So I began searching on the internet for something amazing, and that’s what I found. Introducing The Wonderbra Multi Plunge Bra from online store

Believe it or not, this bra comes with 3 sets of straps that can be moved to over 100 positions, which means no visible bra straps with ANY style dress or top. Yippee! So, for £25.99, you are effectively getting around 100 different bras!

Available in Black, Skin and White, you have no excuse for looking anything less than drop dead gorgeous in your summer gear this year!

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