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Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Line

lauren-conrad-fashion-line.jpgYou may know Lauren Conrad also known as L.C from her stint on Laguna Beach but she has become more central to the fashion world through her recent show The Hills. This show sees Lauren undergo a Teen Vogue internship and an education in fashion.

Given her experience and successful fame it makes sense that she would go on to create her own fashion line and that she did. The new clothing line is quite plain but incredibly stylish proven less is more. I love the Audrina Dress (inset). It’s flirty, fun and floaty. It’s available in colours, black, godiva and sienna and is priced at $180.

Visit Lauren Conrad online to view the collection for yourself.

One Response to “Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Line”

  1. Lily Jane Says:

    she is fabulous, but her stuff is very Michelle Mason spring/summer collection