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The Bag Of 2008

prada-fairy-bag.jpgI know it’s only nearing April but I have found the bag of the year so far and what I think will be the ‘it’ bag of the year. It’s the new Prada Printed Buckskin Handbag with fairy tale illustration and it is adorable!

The limited edition number has been a hit already and was only available in a limited number of stores. To make matters worse, along with the scarce amount of bags available you will probably be wait listed before it even comes back in to stock. However if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, treasure it as it is a one off beauty that will bring great envy from the fashion savvy.

The fairy tale illustration bag is £1050. Visit your nearest Prada store or the Prada website for more information on the bag.

One Response to “The Bag Of 2008”

  1. Vivienne Says:

    Wow, this really is a fantastic bag, but why would they only have a limited number? Probably makes it more exclusive and coveted. If I could I would certainly purchase one. Great picture.