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Bolder the Better!

Antik Batik KaftanIt seems like the ‘Bolder the Better’ is the way forward for spring/summer 08. Designers are embellishing their collection with bold colours, prints and accessories, making each outfit a statement! With this philosophy it’s sure to be a bright summer!

Antik Batik is one label you can rely on for vivid colours and beautiful prints, created in 1992 by a well travelled French designer Gabriella Cortese, this line is inspired by a multitude of cultures that offer an array of exciting prints and colours.

Her latest collection fits perfectly into the passion for prints that we are seeing from many top labels such as Dolce & Gabanna, Balenciaga and Missoni. This stunning chiffon kaftan is one of my favourite pieces from Antik Batik, the colours and beading really makes this piece stand out from the rest. For £220 this Antik Batik Jet printed kaftan can be purchased from Net-a-porter.

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