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New Look Mac!

Warehouse Short Sleeve MacI have to say I’m a sucker for a Mac this season; whether it be long, short, patent or cotton, they are just so hot right now! However if there isn’t a Mac to tickle your fancy at the moment, a new look Mac is set to turn heads and may just tempt you! Yes this spring the Mac has taken on a whole new look with a short sleeved shape! Short sleeve Mac’s are the latest craze and are perfect as we begin to enter warmer climates (well we hope!)

Warehouse is one of the first to embrace this new shape and have done it proud! This cute little Mac is only £45.00! Bargain! It also has a safari feel, which is great as the Safari/Tribal look is going to be a dominant trend throughout the summer and with this little jacket you can be one of the first to sport this fab new look!

Layer with long sleeve tops and jumpers through the winter, then as it gets warmer naked arms with a few chunky bangles will be right on trend!Find this Mac on Stylefinder.

One Response to “New Look Mac!”

  1. Imelda Says:

    This is just too cute! I adore this!