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Look out for 'The Row'!

The Row Clothing Line‘The Row’ is the brand new clothing line produced by the Olsen twins; yes they’ve finally brought out their very own clothing line, which is of no surprise to us fashionista’s!

Never failing to look anything less than uber trendy, the girls are finally willing to share their style with the world!

If you have been hiding under a rock and don’t know who these girls are, let me try to jog your memory; they both have hugely successful acting careers and found fame at a very young age, they have been in many films such as ‘It Takes Two’ and ‘Charlies Angels:Full Throttle.’

Anyways back to Fashion, these girls unlike some celebrity turn fashion designers have worked extremely hard on this collection. Ashley has spent three years on just achieving the perfect T-shirt design! (I would love to see that T shirt!). The whole collection is very simple and understated it is more focussed on the fit of garments with some beautiful; tailored and knit wear pieces. You can find out more about Mary Kate and Ashley from the New York fashion site.

‘The Row’ can be seen and purchased from Harvey Nicholls, London.

One Response to “Look out for 'The Row'!”

  1. Manu Srikumar Says:

    Would definitely be on the lookout for ‘The Row’
    Wouldnt mind having a look at that perfect T-Shirt. Always had the impression that T Shirts were meant to be imperfect. Now here’s food for thought…..

    [email protected]