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Biker Girl!

L&S Leather Jacket ArticleThe leather bomber jacket is taking over! The biker chick look is soooo hot right now; I just can’t get enough! From heavy leather boots embellished with metal hardware to studded distressed jeans, there is just so much to choose from! The easiest way to invest in this look is to buy your very own leather jacket, whether its vintage or from Primark it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s the right shape and you know how to wear it!

There are so many gorgeous leathers that have bombarded our highstreets with, I have to say, perfect timing considering the unusually mild weather we’re having; who needs a big heavy winter coat, all we need is a sexy leather biker jacket!

To give you a few tips on wearing your leather and finding the perfect one for you, Life and Style magazine have produced this great article showing the many different ways your leather jacket can adapt to different occasions; it is so versatile you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

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