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Gina’s Sky High Heels

The designer label Gina has always produced the most delicate, glitzy and glamorous sandals and this fall is no exception. The sky high collection is very in season and it appears that over time heels are getting higher and higher.

Gina Spice Sandals

I love Spice (above), the Swarovski indented ‘jet’ diamante and black patent sandals. They are stunning and are priced at £415.00 or take Rox, the gold, Swarovski ‘golden’ diamante encrusted, signature style sandals priced at £435.00 (below).

Gina Rox Sandals

Or perhaps you would prefer these Campari shoes below, another signature style sandal, with “hand woven” Swarovski ‘Crystal’ diamantes in silver priced at £425.00.

Gina Campari Sandals

To view more of this falls collection or to purchase any of these beautiful creations visit and click to shop.

One Response to “Gina’s Sky High Heels”

  1. Alisha Says:

    dear people of this website, why on earth are these shoes so expensive!? what about the people whod ont have the money to buy those kind of things? what do they do-and where can you get cheaper ones from?