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Must Have Roll Necks!

H&M Roll NeckOk your probably thinking, how boring a plain roll neck top, but mark my words this ‘boring’ roll neck will be your best investment this winter! It is such an essential garment this season especially with the strong focus on layering; you won’t know what to do without one!

The beauty of these tops is that you can still wear pretty dresses during the day without freezing or looking too dressy, just wear one of these great little roll neck tops underneath your dress and it instantly tones it down, genius! I am definitely going to be stocking up on plenty of these tops from H&M this winter, for just £10, I think I’ll get one in every colour! However if your not sure I would definitely recommend the grey colour as it is very in this season and suits pretty much everyone! Oh and if you like the sweater too, its £14.99! Bargain!

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