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Ski in Chanel!

Ski SuitThinking of going skiing this winter? Well Chanel have made it easier than ever to look cool and slick on the slopes with their fall/winter 07 sports collection that features a range of ski wear from bold patterned ski suits to cute penguin jumpers. I don’t even ski but after seeing this collection I’m already planning my winter ski trip!

The collection is great; it is mostly black and white with a hint of red just to spice things up. This colour way is really striking and if the clothes don’t make you stand out how about your very own Chanel skis! Yes Chanel have even produced their own skis for this collection; they’re extremely cool, with the Chanel symbol emblazoned on the base of them; you will be envied by the entire slope, just try not to fall over!

There are lots of other great accessories to jazz up your ski outfit such as furry ear muffs and handbags, bright white Chanel ski masks and chain belts all to make you look great on the slopes!

3 Responses to “Ski in Chanel!”

  1. TT Says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Even if you dont get constant comments people are still reading it.
    continue the great work!!
    too bad i live in singapore and cant go skiing.

  2. lauren Says:

    I would LOVE to get the ski wear
    time to save up my money!

  3. robin Says:

    I’m looking for cool and sexy ski/snowboard clothing. This is great, thanks.
    If you know of any other designer ski gear please post it.