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The Turban Trend!

Black Jersey TurbanThroughout the summer we have seen a rising trend towards interesting headwear from cowboy hats to gypsy headbands and this trend is only going to grow stronger into next season, which means no more bad hair days girls! You can finally ditch those straightners for a new trendy headpiece! Head wear is essential for next season and Topshop have caught onto the trend already by providing us with a range of different head wear from jewelled headbands to oversized caps and trilby’s.

However whilst searching this wide array of headgear I came across one style that particularly caught my eye; the Turban. Yes Topshop have taken inspiration from the Far East to provide us with a range of different turbans; from yellow satin to black jersey, I wonder if this trend will catch on? Personally I think it’s a great idea and am just building up the confidence to wear one. The black jersey turban as shown, is one of my favourites; it only has very subtle detail and would be great to wear for an evening with a long black maxi dress. It costs £10.00, which I think is pretty reasonable considering how much attention you will get whilst wearing this piece!

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