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The Bag Everyone's Wearing

The New It Bag

The new IT bag plastered with the slogan “I’M NOT A PLASTIC BAG” is flying off the shelves this month. Keira Knightley, Ivanka Trump and Petra Nemcova are all carrying around the replacement carrier bag like it’s their new best friend! It is made by Anya Hindmarch’s and costs just $15 – bargain. It is reusable therefore much more friendly to the environment.

Via Life and Style.

4 Responses to “The Bag Everyone's Wearing”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    i am so happy that it seems like people are starting to care more about the enviroment, but i am worried that this new “It” bag will just become a trend and people will use it not carring about the cause!

  2. The Stiletto Effect Says:

    this bag represent an important cause (environment) and its important for people/celebrities to wear it :) but talking about style, i don’t like it that much. BUT… hehe i have my own shopping bag (its a bag that came as a gift from Vogue Mag a long time ago) and its great for shopping :)

  3. jess Says:

    The bag isn’t actually as environmentally friendly as it says. It’s made of cotton which creates alot of CO2 through the industry, farming and production. It also doesn’t degrade very fast. It is better than having millions of plastic bags flying around mainly because its reused so many times. But its really more of a fashion statement than an environmental statement. There are better substitues than these if your looking for eco friendly option.

  4. Sharada.x Says:

    I love this bag! It’s great cause i can just use it over and over, and as a fashion statement. I got mine in china long before it was fashionable 😉